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  • Below numbers about LED screen, how do you think?
  • 26-03-2018

The corporate who wants to invest a media facade project is always worry about the life span of the project as it is usually requires significant amount investment.

It is quite normal that the client is always have this kind of concerns. Because they see poor performance digital media facade every day.

So the most logical way is to observe the existing digital media facade and dig out when it was installed and who was the manufacture of this media facade. Then there comes result.

One of the most prestigious digital media facade project can help you to understand this case.

It was manufactured by QSTECH with 1500sqm and recorded as the top 20 giant screen in the world.The time saving installation design makes the implementation team finish the whole project within 2 weeks.

During the four and half years of it’s working, less than 30 LED bars was replaced and the failure rate is less than 0.2%.

The user is always happy about the performance and they said it is a really long lasting and hassle free screen and keep purchasing from QSTECH!

To decide to work with QSTECH is not easy, however when you start your corporation with us you won’t be able to stop.

It's time to change to QSTECH & Chainzone LED. 1,500 square meters for 1 display 15,040 pieces LED mesh bars totally 30 defective bars after, 5 frozen winters in Moscow YOUR LANDMART PROJECT, WE LONG-TERM GUARANTEE!